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Start a Fit Girls Program Today!


"You must do the thing you think you cannot do." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Your decision to bring Fit Girls to your community shows a commitment to help girls live healthy, happy, and more responsible lives! And when you lead...Fit Girls will follow!
We want to make it easy and affordable for you to bring Fit Girls to your school/community, and coaching a Fit Girls Team is exciting and rewarding!  While we provide you with the basic seeds to start your Fit Girls Program, YOU, as the coach, are the ultimate decision maker and will pick and choose the elements that are right for you and your girls.  Each Fit Girls program is unique, and you will very likely adjust and adapt the program depending upon your personal interests and resources.  Some Fit Girls teams are very small and intimate, while others teams are large and require multiple coaches.  Based on lessons we've learned and stories from coaches around the country, we are HERE to help you develop and grow a GREAT Fit Girls program!
The cost of the program is a ONE-TIME start up fee of $600. Charging small registration fees for participants is an easy way to cover this cost. In order to start Fit Girls in your community, each school/organization will need:
  • At least one “coach” (parent/teacher/volunteer) willing to oversee and manage the program. Coaches do NOT need to be elite runners! The best coaches and role models for young girls are enthusiastic and caring women who enjoy running or walking.
  • A host location (school or community center).  *It is very important to consider liability issues and very often Fit Girl programs can come under the umbrella of pre-existing school/community center liability policies.*
  • Access to an appropriate workout space (track, playground, field, park) where girls can safely run/walk ¼ mile laps.
After you have completed, dated, and signed the licensing contract and mailed a check for $612 made payable to Fit Girls (which includes shipping cost of Starter Kit), we will provide you with:
  • A copy of the Fit Girls manual outlining specific lesson plans for all 12 workouts
  • The option of a “mini” program which meets only once a week and encourages “at-home” family workouts.
  • A non-competitive training schedule designed to gradually build endurance to run/walk a 5k road race
  • A series of stretching exercises
  • Forms for duplication including training and reading log sheets, letters for parents, and fundraising sponsor sheets
  • A Fit Girls hat and water bottle (one item each per kit)
  • A list of age-appropriate great books for girls
  • 2 new paperback titles and a Fit Girls tote bag to begin a “Fit Lit” lending library
  • On-line support and consulting in your training and fundraising efforts along with literature updates on the latest and greatest books for girls.
  • Access to the Coaches On-line Resource Center where documents, forms, templates and other resources can be downloaded and edited.
  • The opportunity to share ideas and best practices with other fit girl coaches and volunteers who care about helping girls live healthy, happy and more responsible lives.

Click here to print out a copy of the Fit Girls licensing agreement and get started on your community program TODAY!  
Please send licensing agreement and check for $612 to:
Fit Girls/Seaside Run Club
PO Box 228
Marblehead, MA  01945
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