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Meet Our Coaches

She was in a class by herself." - E.B. White, Charlotte's Web

Below are some of our ROCK STAR Fit Girls Coaches who are doing AMAZING work with their programs!  There is no ONE RIGHT WAY to implement a Fit Girls program.   Read more about the different models of Fit Girls and consider what aspects will work best for YOU and the girls in your community.  Do you want more information?  We're here to help at!


Deborah Aseltine

Fit Girls: Wilton, Maine

Fit Girls Run Club Marblehead started in the spring of 2012 and we have run the program twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring, since the inaugural session. Our coaching team is comprised of both school staff members and volunteer parents who bring a diverse backgrounds and experience to the program including education, guidance counseling, physical therapy, and coach each week is invaluable to the success of Fit Girls.


Fit Girls Run Club Marblehead has reached over 100 girls in each of the last three sessions. The convenience of meeting right after school for training is a big factor in our accomplishments.

In addition to training for the 5k, our sessions incorporate book talks and recommendations led by Fit Girl participants and the school librarian, and each session the girls choose a community outreach program to develop and support…all to support the Fit Girls motto of Run, Read, Lead!


Fit Girls Run Club Marblehead focuses on setting individual and achievable goals, and helping each girl work to realize their own success, which in turn builds confidence and self-assurance. Each session is built around a healthy mixture of fitness, reading, and the very important FUN in an effort to promote life-long health!


Visit us at

Jennie Sheridan, Jenni Clock, Annie Pugh, Mandy Murphy, Lisa Sugarman, Sarah Thatcher

Fit Girls: Marblehead, MA

Fit Girls of Wilton, Maine, located in the heart of the western Maine foothills, is an after school program conducted for eight weeks in the fall and six weeks in the spring. It evolved 1 ½ years ago as a way to share a passion for a program for elementary age girls in an environment where they felt safe and where they could share and build friendships. In addition, I wanted to encourage them to gain the confidence to run a 5K while introducing great books with positive messages to help promote self-respect and improved good health. Many families struggle here; 62% of children in the Wilton Elementary School are on free or reduced lunch plans. Girls in these schools face many challenges and there are not enough after school activities to address their needs. These girls lack the opportunity for physical fitness and run the risk for nutritional deficiencies, low self-esteem, and remaining in poverty. Fit Girls of Wilton, Maine (the corporate name) evolved as a way to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for young girls. In just a year, at two schools where Fit Girls is in place, there are 25 out of 70 girls in Wilton and 15 out of 40 girls in New Sharon taking part.


I have been able to keep this a no-cost program in which the girls participate. To do this, I put together a 5K and read-a-thon to support our Fit Girls program. In addition, I have periodically received financial support from individuals, area businesses and civic organizations. I have also partnered with the Franklin County Healthy Community Coalition. I have also applied through the IRS for my 501 (c) (3) status and if received this will open the door for grant opportunities. I am hoping to present a week long summer camp for 4th, 5th and 6th grade girls. This camp will continue to foster self-esteem building through non-competitive running, confidence building games, and great books with positive messages.


There is nothing more pleasing to see a girl blossom and finish something that she never thought was possible. A smile across the finish line says it all and makes the time, energy, and preparation all worth it. I am so proud of these girls. It is a sincere privilege to help girls thrive in our area.


Please visit our website: for updated information about the programs in our region.




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